Work with a nationally published writer/ghostwriter who has the experience, skills, and dedication to create an exceptional final work upon which you'll be proud to place your name. My writing is meticulously documented and carefully structured for precision, clarity, and pacing.

My approach and style differ with each project, because every project deals with different material, a different industry, different purpose, and different target reader.

Iíve written for audiences from layman to industry leaders and business execs. I pay careful attention to your unique style and voice. I adopt this in my work as thoroughly as possible. Itís your book (or article), and it should sound like you, or exactly like how you want to sound!

Articles,  Books, E-books, Technical Writing,

Case Studies, Company Bios, Speeches, Fiction, Non-fiction,Ö

Who Hires A Ghostwriter?

My clients come from all backgrounds and industries.

Maybe youíre a business professional asked to contribute an article or personal story to a publication. Great publicity Ė but do you really have the time it takes to put together an excellent piece?

Or perhaps you have a creative idea and donít know how to move it forward? Or maybe you have material written but simply donít have the time to complete it?

Do you excel in your business or even in a hobby? If youíve worked out a great system for doing what you do, odds are others will be interested in learning from you. Why not add a whole new tier to your business and generate an additional line of income? Turn your great ideas and years of experience into a home-study course, e-book, book or email responder series. Sound confusing? Iíll guide you through the process and deliver a highly-marketable final product that will not only generate income, but also raise your standing in your field. 

And remember, initial consultation is free!

My work covers a wide range of material including health and wellness, real estate, nature, education, internet topics, affiliate networking, investing, smoking cessation, fitness, travel, alternative medicine, animal care, ancient and modern history, leadership, and moreÖ

Whatever your situation, contact me and we can work toward meeting your goals and exceeding your expectations.














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