Powerful, results-driven marketing consultation, concept, and copy.

Work with a seasoned marketing professional who has helped fuel the success of a wide array of businesses throughout the world.

A Streamlined ProcessÖ

First of all, youíll cut the amount of time youíll need to invest upfront because Iíve simplified the process by which I become familiar with your needs and weíll quickly move the project forward.

I usually work like this:

1. I ask for as much information as you have on your company and your expectations for the current project. This may include a creative brief or project outline, former marketing initiatives, web urls, competitor information, service or product specs, staff bios -- really anything that you use internally or externally that conveys the product, client base, competition in the marketplace, and overall objective for the project. (Donít have much documentation? No problem. Weíll jump straight to step two. May take a little longer, but in the end Iíll have everything I need to get the job done right.)

2. Next, I review the info and follow up in one of three ways.  

  • A meeting with your creative team. This is the most intensive, and I feel, most effective way to proceed. I get to experience your team and company in action, and weíll brainstorm the product and client base to determine what matters most to your customers and why. Iíll guide the meeting where appropriate or as desired, and hit you with a list of prepared questions to fill out any further information.


  • A targeted phone consultation with you or members of your team. An on-site meeting is not always feasible and a strategic phone interview can also work well. Again, weíll cover a list of topics and questions Iíve prepared in advance, and you can add any additional input to ensure weíre on the same page.


  • An email query. I work with clients throughout the country and throughout the world. Sometimes, email is the best way to move forward. Again, Iíll supply a targeted list of questions covering the information Iíll need to crafty the most effective concept and copy. This works best when you respond with as much detail as possible. Add any additional input you think may be helpful and ask any questions you need of me to be sure we share the same direction for the project.

No matter how we collaborate, weíll agree on a direction for the copy,  and an appropriate timeline.

3. I write up the copy and send you a draft by the agreed-upon date.

4. You review the draft and contact me about any revisions. Iíll respond promptly and weíll fine tune things from there. My bid includes three full revisions of the copy.

This is a general outline of how I typically handle marketing projects. However, each project and company is unique and I am completely flexible. If your company has a different approach, letís do it!

+ I am also available to work on-site as needed for larger projects and will actively collaborate with your design team where appropriate.

Most importantlyÖ

Most importantly, before I write a single word, I take the time to recognize, and/or help you determine, not only your company image, project goal, and unique marketing position, but also to thoroughly understand the perspective of your potential customers. This last is crucial and a clever line is worthless if it does not speak directly and powerfully to the majority of those who read it and who are in a position to respond.

Not sure what your needs are? Contact me for a FREE consultation. Have a web site thatís not pulling its weight and youíre not sure why? Contact me and I'll review your site and deliver comprehensive feedback absolutely free of charge.
























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