Project Fee:
I typically work on a fee-per-project basis. Once we have determined the details of your project and established a time frame, I'll submit my quote. Unless otherwise specified, the project fee includes up to two rounds of revisions, if needed. If the scope of the project changes significantly along the way, I may renegotiate the original fee or charge an hourly rate to cover additional work.  

Payment Schedule


$500-$3500 = 50% upfront and 50% upon project completion.
Over $3500 = One-third upfront, one-third upon submission of the first draft, and
  the balance upon project completion.
Payment Terms
  • Project fee includes initial draft and two revisions, if needed.
  • All revisions must be completed no later than 30 days following submission of the first draft.
  • Rights transfer to you only after receipt of final payment. Material may not be published in any form until rights are received.
  • If project is terminated during the copywriting phase, I will bill for all work completed.
  • Last minute projects and unusually tight deadlines are subject to a rush fee of 40%.
  • Additional revisions or complete change in project direction will be charged by a re-negotiated fee or at an hourly rate.
Hourly rates may apply for consulting or on-site work.
How I Determine My Fee...
Although the length of the project is a factor, its not as important in determining a quote as you might think. At least 80% of my work comes before I write anything at all. Researching your subject, or you product, market, company, and competition takes time and it takes special consideration. Additionally, a great deal of my time is devoted to the concept and creative approach to any project. This is the most important step and getting it right the first time saves everyone time and money in the end. Other determining factors include meetings, interviews, external research, and the degree of consultancy involved.
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